It’s Super September!


Okay, so, yes, it’s still technically August, but you know that thing where you’re just really excited and it’s close enough?

It’s close enough.

The biggest news:

Spark cover

Book 1 in The Chronicles of ISLE is now up for preorder! You can click on the cover above, or just go here if this is a thing you want.

A shadow looms over every day of Phoebe Lawrence’s life. The child of two of the most powerful superheroes on the planet, she’s never had the choice to be anything less than perfect. Making mistakes isn’t an option, and being normal is definitely off the table. 

Being a Superkid is far from easy, and controlling her newly awakened ability feels nearly impossible. Fear finds her around every corner, her potential for absolute destruction a demon that not only haunts her nightmares, but chars the edges of her waking moments at the slightest lapse of control. 

When the Supers of ISLE start getting sick one by one, it falls to Phoebe to step up and take her parents’ place. With her world crumbling around her, it’s up to her to uncover the source of the disaster, and with her parents out of commission, a boy she barely knows might be her best, and only, hope. 

All she has to fear is herself, but can love truly conquer any demon?

So what does “Super September” mean? Well, mostly it means lots of trips to the post office for me. And here’s why:

Every Tuesday and Thursday (beginning today) leading up to release day on September 28th, I will be posting a teaser image for Spark on my Facebook author page. Anyone who shares said teaser from there earns a chance to win a set of ALL THREE BOOKS of the Evolution series in PAPERBACK. That means I’m giving away 9 sets of the trilogy. 27 total paperbacks. That’s a lot of books. The post office is probably going to be very sick of me. LOL

You’re very likely to get a bunch of tea and magnet swag things with your winnings. :)

These giveaways are open to anyone in the US, however, if you live outside of the States and are willing to cover the cost of international shipping, I’m willing to fill out the customs forms. I really wish I could make everything worldwide, but, alas, I am a poor author and just can’t afford it. I’m really super sorry. Really really.

Spark is fast approaching, guys! Who’s excited for more superheroes?


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It’s Super September!

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