Earthquake in Japan

Adryn and the rest of our friends in Japan are okay.

As you may know, Adryn currently lives in Tochigi Prefecture, which is one of the places that was heavily affected by the 8.9 temblor that devastated the main island of Japan last Friday, March 11th. Scribe and Raven have both lived there as well. It has been, in many different ways, a second home to all of us. We feel very deeply about the need for action and hope that you will join us in supporting the relief efforts.

Our hearts and prayers are with all of those affected by the earthquake.

You can donate to the relief effort by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or at any of the following websites:

Global Giving

Save the Children

American Red Cross

Convoy of Hope

Or donate to any charity through PayPal.

Thank you all for your warm thoughts and continued support.

Ladies Pendragon

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