Pendragon Variety – Season 1, Episode 9 – Narrative Mode

The Ladies Pendragon discuss narrative mode (in the form of tense and perspective), what we prefer to read and write, how the popular narrative modes have shifted over time, and the different types of stories we think are suited to each mode.

Also, your twitter questions answered! Thanks to @MelissaDominic and @JeremyMcNabb.

2 Responses to Pendragon Variety – Season 1, Episode 9 – Narrative Mode

  1. Rish OutfieldNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, this was a really enjoyable conversation. It reminded me of when I would get together with a writer’s group, mingling with people who I didn’t know all that well, and finding out their influences and favorites. I thought I might grab that “Matched” book y’all were talking about, despite initially dismissing the book as another lame teen love triangle cash-in. Thanks!

  2. ScribeNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a ton, Rish! Matched was a really good book. I think we may do an episode about choosing covers for books in the future, too. :)

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