Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 2 – Culture Clashes as External Conflict

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nHave you ever traveled to another country, or another part of the country you live in, and thought, “the way these people act is just plain weird?” I’ll bet if you haven’t, you have one or two things to say about those Japanese game shows they play on Spike TV. But what happens when two major groups of people with very different ideas about the world suddenly butt heads? As you may have guessed, we’re going to talk about using culture clashes as external conflict.


  • What makes conflict external? How is it different from internal conflict in the way it’s used?
  • What are some ways conflicting cultures can be used as external conflict?(e.g. genesis of war due to perceived slight, expansionism, etc.)

How can you make the cultural conflict enhance or give rise to your characters’ internal conflicts?

What are some good times to introduce this kind of external conflict into the story?

  • What are some examples of cultural conflict, both real-world and in fiction?

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