Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 3 – Writing Schedules, and So Can You!

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nHow do you find time to write? How much should you write when you have the time? For this episode, we’ll likely be referencing our own schedules or lack thereof as well as speaking a bit more generally about scheduling.

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Also check out THE LADIES PENDRAGON’S YouTube channel, with our bi-weekly writing club. :)

  • What’s your writing goal?
  • What’s your current writing schedule?
  • What other obligations do you have right now?
  • What sorts of things do you find helpful in establishing a writing schedule:

Word count goals?
Rewards or punishments?
Word Wars or other competitive software?

  • How do you set or determine your schedule?
  • How do you stick to your schedule?
  • Do you find you need to be in, or not be in, a specific place to write?

Listeners, what are your writing schedules? What tips and tricks or pitfalls and complaints do you have about setting and sticking to a schedule? Leave us a message on our Facebook Fan Page, tweet @LadiesPendragon, or send us an email at


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