Episode 1

 Welcome to the first episode of Pendragon Variety!

  • Lost, by Skrybbi
  • The Lure, by Rosemary Tizledoun
  • RTDisc, Gender and Genre
  • Red Queen Fallen & The Phoenix, by Rosemary Tizledoun.

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Tune in for episode 2 next Wednesday!

2 Responses to Episode 1

  1. 0popanaxNo Gravatar says:

    Every time we run your promo I say to myself “I should really listen to this podcast at some point!”

    Now that I have finally done so [ (-_-,) ]…I’m really enjoying it. Loved “Lost” <3

    • ScribeNo Gravatar says:

      Awesome! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the podcast. We’re forcing Skrybbi to write more stories.

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