The Flash Files: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Everything good came in threes; Mama always said that, but Hark seriously doubted her reasoning.

Three sons were born before Papa disappeared, not at the same time, but over a course of five years. He took off when the youngest was six and Hark was eleven. He was born first, but Mama said it didn’t matter. They were all the same to her. She didn’t love any of them more or less because of their age. Mama was a decent woman.

Papa, on the other hand, was not decent; no matter what Mama had to say about it. He left behind three cows, three sheep and three heads of cabbage in the garden. Upon further digging, it was discovered he left them three potatoes, but whether or not he did that on purpose, or he simply overlooked them was a matter of debate. In the top drawer of Papa’s dresser, where he used to keep his trousers, Hark found three pennies underneath a bit of parchment that looked like it had been folded so many times it was bound to fall to pieces if he tried to unfold it again.

Papa couldn’t even read…

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The Flash Files: Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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