The Flash Files: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the flash files


Exhaustion burns in every muscle, tugging until her bones ache. The quiet hum of the engines should be putting her to sleep, but the underlights lining the cabinet cast a glow like muted, dirty paper across their naked bodies, and she can’t sleep. Can’t stop looking at him, feeling the warmth of his thigh pressed against her own. The blankets drape across his waist. His arm falls off the side of the bed, unclenched fingers twitching a little when she traces the black scale pattern that flows across his chest. The rest of him is bright green, like the grass she used to roll in as a little girl, and for a moment she sees butterflies dance in memory across her vision.

His lips are poison, but she couldn’t stop kissing them. Hallucination bled into her soul, and in the throes of passion she let him feed from her memories, and they linger on even after he’s fallen asleep. Every sound is amplified. Every movement leaves a trail. She traces fingertips over scale and skin and sees the heat signature they leave behind, a blue glow radiating against his skin before the cool air bleeds them away.

Underneath skin and cartilage, muscle and bone, his heart struggles to beat…


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The Flash Files: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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