#Flash Files Friday: Troll Say

Hungry Troll wait. Crouch low and comfy, Troll watch for feet sound—clippity-clippity-clippity.

Troll guard bridge. Prince say so. Give Troll shiny hat too small for Troll head. Bring Troll big club called dragon bone and say then to troll, “This Troll job. Troll watch bridge and no let pass unless pay.”

Troll know what not job. Troll just Troll, but prince say goats menace, eat all grass in meadow and make stone fall down mountain.  Prince say also man come, try take what not his. So Troll watch bridge and collect shiny circles in bag for prince.

All pay, or no cross bridge. No pay, Troll hit.

Prince say Troll eat goats if Troll get hungry because goats no pay. Goats no have shiny circles to put in purse because goats.

Troll always hungry. Belly rumble like stone fall down mountain. Goats no come much. Troll wait, watch always for goats so can crush with dragon bone and boil for stew. Troll like stew. Sometimes Troll make stew from man bones, even when man pay shiny circle to prince. Prince no say Troll not eat man. Only say pay shiny circle to cross bridge, and Troll always so hungry…


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#Flash Files Friday: Troll Say

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