Cover Reveal: The Darkling Prince

I’ve been hard at work on Jack in the Green, reworking, rewriting, rearranging and readying it for release later this year. I am not giving out a date for that release at this time, as we’ve all seen the discord and havoc such tentative promises wreak, and I do so hate disappointing people. I will announce a date once the last chapter of the draft I’m working on is finished and reveal the cover, which has changed from the original to coincide with the theme I’ve got going on in the series.

For the first time in a very long time I’m actually excited to be tiptoeing through the Green. So excited, in fact, that I sat down near the end of May and began working on another in-between novella that introduces a pivotal character to the series: the villain from Jack in the Green. As those of you who’ve read Winterborn already know (and if you haven’t read Winterborn, you may want to stop reading to avoid spoilers and grab it right now from Amazon for just $.99,) Jack is Him and Merry’s son, conceived on their journey through the Darknjan Wald. Meredith faked his death and sent him with one of her maids to Sylvanus, who in turn carried out Meredith’s wishes for the boy to be raised Upland by her sister, Christina. You will learn more about Jack in his upcoming novel, but how did Meredith manage to keep the boy safe? The Goblin King, Kothar, is cunning, as we well know, and there is very little chance her plot to keep her son safe could be kept concealed until he was old enough to return and take his father’s place as the prophecies predict.

Meredith would do anything to protect her son, bargain with all she had to keep Jack out of harm’s way. The result of that bargaining renders a villain most foul–Jack’s half-brother: The Darkling Prince.

Krayven is what happens when darkness corrupts the light. He is the embodiment of shattered hopes and dreams, a boy who has never known what it truly felt like to be loved. His father grooms him to one day take his place, caring for him in the only way he knows how, but his mother can barely look at him without suffering the reminder of all she had to sacrifice for him to come into the world, and so she doesn’t. She does not look. She does not see. She does not even realize that her cold cruelty has made him into the very thing she knew from the start he would become–a heartless monster more foul than his father.

July 10, 2015, we will journey back Into the Green together, beyond the Darknjan Wald and into the blackened heart of that which drives darkness to devour all that is light and beautiful in the world.

darkling prince


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Cover Reveal: The Darkling Prince

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