#Flash Files Friday: Close Your Eyes

“Hmm?” Rough as sand, his deep voice cut through the silence, but she didn’t startle.

Instead she asked again, “Will it always be like this?”

He wanted to lie to her.

Yes—that was the word she wanted to hear, the promise he should make, even though it would be impossible to keep—it will always be this way.

Instead, he buried his face in the fragrant tangles of her golden hair, breathed her in and said, “I wish I could freeze this moment.”

She stretched her legs, the ball of her foot trailing the muscled length of his calf before drifting back downward again. “You can,” she told him. “Close your eyes.”

“My eyes are closed,” he snorted amusement, drew back from her hair and nestled deeper into the pillow beside her, “but I hardly see how that is going to help.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

Copyright: nejron / 123RF Stock Photo

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#Flash Files Friday: Close Your Eyes

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