Review: Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thompson @writerstarr

On her blog, Michelle reviews Worlds Unseen (The Seventh World Trilogy Book 1) by Rachel Starr Thomson.

Visit her post, Review: Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thompson @writerstarr to learn more about this Christian fantasy series.

Here’s to 2017! Goals, Cover reveals, and more

Welcome to the New Year!

Pendragon co-founder Lauren “Scribe” Harris gives us a true-to-life overview of 2016 in her post One Hell of a Year. I just finished beta reading her immersive fantasy, SONG OF THE HERETIC, so I’m excited to see what she will bring us all in 2017. Join her mailing list at

Abigail Hilton posts Hello 2017 for her patreon subscribers. Click the link to join her patreon and get access to her audio podcasts and other features.

Alethea Kontis reviews her year in 2016: One Hell of a Year  (hmm, I see a theme!) and if you subscribe to her patreon, you can see her first cover reveal of 2017. Eee!

Are you forming your writing plan for 2017? Hop on over to my blog post, How to Meet Your Goals in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps!, which also lists my goals for 2017. As I compile the lists of edits needed on DRAGON ISLANDS, I find myself hoping there’s enough of 2017 to go around! Another CHARLIE CAT book will make an appearance later this year and I hope you imagine me in the background hammering away at DRAGON ISLANDS. Join my mailing list here.

Starla Huchton is working on DEVIL YOU KNOW, and you can sign up for her posts and/or her email list at

I’m looking forward to Kendra Fortmeyer‘s upcoming HOLE IN THE MIDDLE in 2017!

How will your 2017 look?

Is improving your social media presence part of your 2017 resolution? Check out: Writers: 10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence.

We look forward to seeing what you accomplish!




Premeditations now available in Ebook! @foldedword

Michelle’s science fiction and fantasy collection, Premeditations, is now available as an ebook from Folded Word! Get your ebook of Premeditations for your kindle here!
Premeditations‘ bookversary is coming up Dec 15th, along with the bookversary of The Girl in Acid Park, and a little birdie told me that Michelle and Lauren are planning something special for their newsletter subscribers. So what are you waiting for? Join Michelle’s Reader’s Club and Lauren’s Newsletter now!

“‘Premeditations’ by Michelle Ristuccia offers an alluring sampler of dark flash fiction, bite-sized and delicious like a tray of freshly-baked cookies. And, as with cookies, you can’t stop at reading just one.” -Alex Shvartsman

Publisher Blurb:

With these compulsively readable stories, Michelle Ristuccia creates a new genre in PREMEDITATIONS. This chapbook achieves a fresh look at our times, seeming to simplify while posing new questions about all we accept as reality – much as fairy tales and sci fi must have when first told. Ristuccia reveals forbidden texts, such as the complete “Articles of Faith” concerning cookies: tenets that are funny and a little sad, that cut to the core of our many belief systems. She dares tell first-person, true-life accounts of encounters with stick figures that become threatening; with a father who has a dangerous, rejuvenating secret; with immature non-human beings that in no way resemble anything we’ve come to expect. Whether humanoid, android, or otherwise sentient, PREMEDITATIONS is a must read.

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Premeditations now available in Ebook! @foldedword

#TeaserTuesday Cover Reveal: Cursed Hearts!

Starla Huchton’s Cursed Hearts, the second book in the Hearts of Valentia saga, comes out November 1st! She has a cover reveal and a sneak-peak excerpt on her blog. I couldn’t resist posting the cover and blurb here for you:



Cursed Hearts

Cursed Hearts

The Hearts of Valentia saga, Volume II

By S. A. Huchton

At nine years old, Polliandra Quicke became the unwitting victim of a powerful spell, binding her to her best friend. Separated by years after Donnel’s sudden disappearance, Polly seeks answers when her kiss destroys two would-be suitors. Forced by circumstance to become a curse breaker for hire, she travels Valentia in search of a way to free herself; to take back her choices and a chance for a normal life.

Led to the Spires of Elonui, Polly appeals to the council of mages, beseeching their help. Their solution: a quest into the heart of territory overrun by Torn Ones, accompanied by a young mage whose eyes hold her captive. Lyre Aven might be the most frustrating person she’s ever met, but he’s her only shot at freedom.

First love can be a curse, but the closer she gets to an unbound life, the more she wonders if the magic that sealed her fate wasn’t a blessing in disguise.

 Hop on over to her Cover Reveal and Sneak Peak for more information:
#TeaserTuesday Cover Reveal: Cursed Hearts!
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The Blog is Moving to Patreon!

Alethea Kontis is moving her blog to Patreon!

You can also subscribe to her newsletter from the sidebar of her blog and follow her author page on Amazon. To see the most of Alethea Kontis’ content, join her Patreon.

The Wonderful World of Princess Alethea

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The Blog is Moving to Patreon!

"Dragon Apocalypse" and Review: "Bitterwood" by James Maxey

Michelle reviews the Bitterwood quartet by James Maxey and highlights his newly completed series, Dragon Apocalypse, on her blog.


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“Dragon Apocalypse” and Review: “Bitterwood” by James Maxey

Permission to Quit



On her writer’s blog, Starla Huchton talks about writers’ tendencies to work themselves to death in the competitive world of indie publishing, and how sometimes you need to take a breather:

“Write at your own pace. If you can manage 100 words a day, great! If you can do 5,000 words every three days, fantastic! But be willing to forgive yourself for days you don’t write. Other things are important, too, or maybe you just don’t feel like it. That’s okay. If you find you’re hating the act of writing, don’t write anymore. Take. A. Break.”

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Permission to Quit