Write-Life Balance

Holy crap, y’all.

I’m working on getting a balance between work, school, and writing this semester, which has been just as challenging as usual. This semester I have twelve hours of coursework, which includes Anatomy and Physiology, Conceptual Physics, and Statistics. *shudder* Statistics.

These are three classes that are not in my usual area of comfort, so it’s twelve hours of brainhurt.

So, it’s a mixed blessing that my hours at work have dropped significantly. That’s good because it leaves me with more time to focus on studying. ON THE OTHER HAND, I’m most likely going to lose my insurance at the end of the quarter.

Through it all, I’m still trying to finish the rough draft of Song of the Heretic…


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Write-Life Balance

Publishing Industry News

Publishing news and industry blogs for 1/10-1/30.Publishing News

Apple says its iBookstore now has 1 million users each week.

A new company offers an alternative book discovery tool.

Harry Potter’s on Oyster.

In China, authors will be forced to abandon the practice of online pen names.

The Canadian Competition Bureau asks Kobo and Indigo Books and Music to turn over records. Kobo states that the request is unfair.

Simon & Schuster debuts a new marketing unit to help authors build audiences…

What publishing news have you encountered in the past three weeks?

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Publishing Industry News

Once Upon A Giveaway

… I’ve been posting giveaway teasers over on my Facebook Author Page for the last two weeks, and it’s time to reveal the whole prize pack! Beginning tomorrow, this will be up for grabs via rafflecopter for The Stillness of the Sky blog tour!


Prize Pack

If you’ve interacted with me at all on social media, you’re probably aware of my addiction to Funko POP! Figures. I have about twenty of them sitting on my desk as of this moment, mostly superheroes, but also Game of Thrones and Legolas from Lord of the Rings (because Legolas). I love to share the things I love with others, so I always try to give away prizes I’d enjoy winning. So, I decided to take one of my obsessions and spin it to match up with my Flipped Fairy Tales!

The giveaway includes:

  • Print and ebook copies of Shadows on Snow AND The Stillness of the Sky

SoS and TSotS paperbacks

  • Funko POP! Figures of:
    • Snow White and…


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Once Upon A Giveaway

Artwork from my Books

No, I’m not talking about the Cowry Catchers artbook (although I have gotten first proof, and it looks awesome!)

I’m talking about my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts. I’m going to try harder this year to post art from my books there regularly, so if you’re on those platforms, please follow me and share my pictures. I’m doing this because I have a lot of artistically-rich story content, but Twitter and Facebook are not good social media platforms for sharing images or discovering things via artwork. I feel like I need to make more of an effort to engage on platforms that focus on images.

Also, with the cowrycatchers.com website gone for good, the artwork from those books is no longer available anywhere other than the ebooks…

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Artwork from my Books

How to Write With Kids

A year ago today, I abruptly stopped editing my Nanowrimo novel to participate in the miracle of having my insides cut open to yank out a tiny human. My writing hiatus ends now, and since this is my third child, I’ve got a plan for how to jump back into writing.
Happy birthday, Linden! Mommy’s running off to live with the squirrels! Enjoy your cupcakes.
How to Write with Children:
1. Leave out snacks. Kids like candy, cupcakes, and chips. Remember that tiny humans are still very short (especially if they are MY tiny humans), so you may as well leave the food out in bowls on the floor…

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How to Write With Kids

Pendragon Xtra – Chatterbox #1 – Updates and Changes

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nCaught in a talking mood while preparing for her brother’s wedding on the banks of the Mississippi, Scribe chatters about the updates and changes and announcements related to the podcast.

Links to come

Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 4 – Using D&D Alignments to Improve Characterization Part I – Chaotic

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nYou’ve probably heard not to transcribe your D&D campaigns word-for-word into a novel, but that doesn’t mean the much loved tabletop game doesn’t offer some useful resources for character building. Alignments are what helps you identify where your character falls on both the ethical and moral scales. That is, how lawful versus chaotic and how good versus evil. Today, let’s take a look at the “Chaotic” alignments: Chaotic – Good, Chaotic – Neutral, and Chaotic – Evil.



Mad Libs Prompt:

The illiterate but secretly brilliant half orc barbarian with a heart of gold and unrequited love for the lovely elven druid princess must defeat the lead assassin of a necromantic cult bent on assuming control of a city by seducing its leaders into becoming undead.

Make that prompt work in a story and send it to pendragonvariety(at)gmail.com for a chance to get your work recorded and featured on a future podcast. After a short promotional break, we’ll be back to talk about using D&D Alignments to improve characterization.

Promo: HAPAX, by K. T. Bryski at http://ktbryski.com/

Also check out THE LADIES PENDRAGON’S YouTube channel, with our bi-weekly writing club. :)

  • What are some inherent traits of a Chaotic character?
  • What is Chaotic/Good?
  • What is a potential pitfall of writing a Chaotic/Good character?
  • How can those pitfalls be avoided?
  • What kind of conflict would make this character interesting?
  • What are some examples?

Listeners, what other ways can you think of to challenge and improve lawful characters? Leave us a message on our Facebook Fan Page, tweet @LadiesPendragon, or send us an email at PendragonVariety(at)gmail.com.