New Release! Jager Thunger by @alhilton

Jager Thunder comes out today!

Abigail Hilton has been posting all sorts of tantalizing things on her patreon – quotes from upcoming Jager Thunger – and then this art auction really takes the cake. Bid on ORIGINAL artwork from the ever-popular Cowry Catchers until 7 PM Eastern on Sunday April 16:

Here’s her podcast episode talking about the listing and other updates: episode 31. Only a few days left!

She is also posting the original Cowry Catchers episodes for her patreon fans. These include the original intro/outros so be aware that some of that news will be outdated. You can get the entire story with no intros/outros and improved sound quality from –  You can also get the following books there, starting with The Scarlet Albatross.



And finally, here’s one of the teasers for Jager Thunder:

Coran looked at him skeptically. “And you are…?”

“Jaleel Holovar.”

The pegasus laughed. “A grishnard prince is asking a pegasus to help him retake his castle?”

“If you and your people don’t want to be slaves and food animals by morning, yes.”

–Jager Thunder –

Elysian Springs Audio Promo

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Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 4 – Using D&D Alignments to Improve Characterization Part I – Chaotic

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nYou’ve probably heard not to transcribe your D&D campaigns word-for-word into a novel, but that doesn’t mean the much loved tabletop game doesn’t offer some useful resources for character building. Alignments are what helps you identify where your character falls on both the ethical and moral scales. That is, how lawful versus chaotic and how good versus evil. Today, let’s take a look at the “Chaotic” alignments: Chaotic – Good, Chaotic – Neutral, and Chaotic – Evil.



Mad Libs Prompt:

The illiterate but secretly brilliant half orc barbarian with a heart of gold and unrequited love for the lovely elven druid princess must defeat the lead assassin of a necromantic cult bent on assuming control of a city by seducing its leaders into becoming undead.

Make that prompt work in a story and send it to pendragonvariety(at) for a chance to get your work recorded and featured on a future podcast. After a short promotional break, we’ll be back to talk about using D&D Alignments to improve characterization.

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  • What are some inherent traits of a Chaotic character?
  • What is Chaotic/Good?
  • What is a potential pitfall of writing a Chaotic/Good character?
  • How can those pitfalls be avoided?
  • What kind of conflict would make this character interesting?
  • What are some examples?

Listeners, what other ways can you think of to challenge and improve lawful characters? Leave us a message on our Facebook Fan Page, tweet @LadiesPendragon, or send us an email at PendragonVariety(at)




Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 3 – Writing Schedules, and So Can You!

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nHow do you find time to write? How much should you write when you have the time? For this episode, we’ll likely be referencing our own schedules or lack thereof as well as speaking a bit more generally about scheduling.

Mentioned in this Podcast:

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Also check out THE LADIES PENDRAGON’S YouTube channel, with our bi-weekly writing club. :)

  • What’s your writing goal?
  • What’s your current writing schedule?
  • What other obligations do you have right now?
  • What sorts of things do you find helpful in establishing a writing schedule:

Word count goals?
Rewards or punishments?
Word Wars or other competitive software?

  • How do you set or determine your schedule?
  • How do you stick to your schedule?
  • Do you find you need to be in, or not be in, a specific place to write?

Listeners, what are your writing schedules? What tips and tricks or pitfalls and complaints do you have about setting and sticking to a schedule? Leave us a message on our Facebook Fan Page, tweet @LadiesPendragon, or send us an email at


Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 2 – Culture Clashes as External Conflict

276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nHave you ever traveled to another country, or another part of the country you live in, and thought, “the way these people act is just plain weird?” I’ll bet if you haven’t, you have one or two things to say about those Japanese game shows they play on Spike TV. But what happens when two major groups of people with very different ideas about the world suddenly butt heads? As you may have guessed, we’re going to talk about using culture clashes as external conflict.


  • What makes conflict external? How is it different from internal conflict in the way it’s used?
  • What are some ways conflicting cultures can be used as external conflict?(e.g. genesis of war due to perceived slight, expansionism, etc.)

How can you make the cultural conflict enhance or give rise to your characters’ internal conflicts?

What are some good times to introduce this kind of external conflict into the story?

  • What are some examples of cultural conflict, both real-world and in fiction?

Listeners, have you used cultural clashes in your writing? Tell us how on our Facebook Fan Page, tweet @LadiesPendragon, or send us an email at

Pendragon Variety – Season 2, Episode 01 – Ratings in Young Adult Fiction


276615_113364595364379_1042078154_nMovies, TV shows, and video games have ratings; the Ladies Pendragon discuss the implications of books–specifically the vast and varied Young Adult market–adopting a rating system.

  • What would a rating system mean for writers, publishers (agents, editors, marketing), & booksellers?
  • What effect might ratings have on consumers? On school libraries and the selection of classic literature in school required-reading? At public libraries? At home?
  • Opinion time: what do you think of adopting a rating system for Young Adult fiction?

What do you think about Ratings in Young Adult fiction? Comment below, leave us a message on our Facebook Fan Page, tweet @LadiesPendragon, or send us an email at

Pendragon Variety – Season 1, Episode 11 – Ethics & Paid Five-Star Reviews


The Ladies discuss the relevance of book reviews to consumers and the murky ethics of paid five-star book reviews.

Are all paid reviews bad? Are they bad only if they’re required to be five-star? Are they bad because they’re not marked as paid reviews? Are they bad because they don’t represent an accurate opinion? How is that different from regular advertisement or marketing?

What do you think of paid book reviews? Which of the many components involved tips you over, and what would you be okay with?



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