Music Credits

Hear music or sound effects that you like in our podcast? Here’s where we found them.Music In Every Episode:

  • Intro – Everyday Jones – “Here I Am”
  • Break the Brank – Music from
  • Outro – ODYC – “You’re My Demon”
  • All Other Segments – various pieces by Kevin McLeod (Including MJS Stings, Eyes Gone Wrong, Darkness Speaks, and others.)

Other Music:

  • The TilerZoomin Home (Heard on “In Flight” by Michelle Ristuccia)
  • Persian PaladinUniverse Inside You (Heard on “The Phoenix” by Rosemary Tizledoun)
  • Jimmy GSeen Through the Glass (Heard on “Red Queen Fallen” by Rosemary Tizledoun)
  • Kevin McLeod
  • Interloper (Heard on “Donne, Revisited” by Lauren “Skrybbi” Nicholson)
  • Danse Macabre – Isolated Harp (Heard on “When Raven Made the World” by Rosemary Tizledoun)
  • Unpromised – (Heard on “Homecoming” by Rosemary Tizledoun / “Persephone and Hermes” by Lauren “Scribe” Harris)
  • Terminal (Heard on “Reunion” by Raven Wei)
  • Spacial Harvest (Head on Goodbye Girl by Lauren “Scribe” Harris)
  • Private Reflection (Heard on “Persephone and Hermes” by Lauren “Scribe” Harris)
  • Heavy Interlude (Heard on Exerpts from The Mark of Flight by Lauren “Scribe” Harris)
  • “Winter Sunshine” by Evgeny Grinko (Heard on Xtra 10)
  • Various Sound Effects:


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