This list is by artist. Each piece is voiced by the artist unless otherwise specified. To see poetry and prose listed by episode, click here.

L. Scribe Harris

  • “Goodbye Girl” (Flash fiction)
  • “Persephone and Hermes” (poem)
  • Excerpts from The Mark of Flight (Novel Excerpts)

Michelle Ristuccia

  • ”In Flight” (Flash fiction)
  • “Jimmy’s Leg” (flash fiction)
  • “High Security at the Zoo” (short story, scifi)
  • “Before the Birds” (flash, scifi)
  • “For Safety’s Sake” (drabble, fantasy)

Rosemary Tizledoun

  • “The Lure” (flash fiction)
  • “The Phoenix” (poem)
  • “Red Queen Fallen” (poem)
  • “The Maiden” (poem)
  • “When Raven Made the World” (poem)
  • “Homecoming” (poem)
  • “Tag” (poem)
  • “Kindling” (poem)

Skrybbi (Lauren N)

  • “Lost” (short story)
  • “Donne, Revisited” (poem)
  • “Teenagers on the Loose” (Skrybbi Story)
  • “Gingerbread Ladies” (Skrybbi Story)
  • “BDSM Lady” (Skrybbi Story)


  • “Reunion” (poem)
  • “Overnight Train of Thought” (poem)
  • The Game (flash)


  • Character Creation (short short story)

J.E. Ignatius McNeill

  • “Paranormal Romance” (short story, paranormal)
  • “Beholding” (flash, scifi) Voiced by Michelle Ristuccia.

Anatoly Belilovsky

  • “No More Lonely Nights” (flash, urban fantasy) Voiced by Aaron Kingbleil and Michelle Ristuccia.

Nathaniel Lee

  • “And a Jar Nearby, its Lid Poked Full of Holes” (flash, fantasy horror) Voiced by Michelle Ristuccia. As heard on the Dribblecast.

Halley Cain

  • Languid Language (poem)

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