Cowry Catchers Comic Issue 0 Available now! – Episode 141

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I talk about the first issue of the Cowry Catchers comic (now available for sale), audio for The Scarlet Albatross, and writing Jager Thunder.

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Cowry Catchers Comic Issue 0 Available now! – Episode 141

New Woodcutters on Audio!

I am incredibly excited to announce that HERO and DEAREST are available in audiobook as of RIGHT NOW, read by the magnificent, award-winning Katherine Kellgren Herself!



And for those who have not yet listened to Enchanted:

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New Woodcutters on Audio!

Publishing Industry News

This week’s publishing news and industry blogs post covers 12/5-12/18/2015. Here’s all the publishing news that happened while you were busy gearing up for Star Wars! Fair warning, it was pretty busy in the publishing world, too.

Publishing News

Publishers Weekly reports that some supply issues at Amazon have caused a backlog of some titles, impacting sales for several small and indie publishers.

Retailers reacted to the new provision on the Customs Reauthorization Act–a provision that, unrelated to the main subject matter of the bill, removes the possibility of taxing online purchases (called the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, guaranteeing sales tax can’t be collected on Internet purchases). The language was later removed, but an Internet Tax Freedom Act (not permanent) was passed as a part of the federal spending package, which basically extends the status quo of no sales tax on the Internet.

Seven amicus briefs have been filed in support of encouraging the Supreme Court to review the Apple vs the DOJ price-fixing case, each arguing Apple should not have been found liable. The DOJ has until Jan 4, 2016, to file a responding brief of opposition.

The lawsuit against the JD Salinger Literary Trust has been dropped after the case was transferred to the home state of Salinger’s widow, New Hampshire. The suit alleged the trust of interfering with the Devault-Graves Agency’s attempts to license foreign editions of Salinger stories that have lapsed into the public domain in the US, but that aren’t necessarily public domain yet by the laws of the foreign countries where they were to be sold.

The Book Industry Study Group adds 512 new categories to the subject headings list, improving particularly how young adult titles can be classified by separating young adult from juvenile.

Smashwords expands its global distribution by signing new e-book agreements with worldwide e-book retailers.

Ingram acquires a new service that allows publishers, retailers, and authors to sell and produce print and e-books directly through their own websites, social networks, and blogs.

Books-A-Million finalizes it privatization with Clyde B Anderson acquiring the company. Shareholders are entitled to $3.25 per share.

Author Peter Beagle sues Conlan Press on the grounds of elder abuse, defamation, and fraud. Author Jim Hines gives his take on the Peter Beagle vs Conlan Press lawsuit, filled with lots of additional links to further reading material, showing his support of Beagle. (Couldn’t find much about this one online elsewhere. Thanks to Aritê gunê Akasa for the link!)

In Britain, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals campaigns for British politicians to stop closing libraries and start taking care of those that are left.

Industry Blogs

Victoria Strauss on Writer Beware posts a success story about the Neoverse Short Story Writing Competition, in which the new, small-publisher sponsor listened to criticism about and requested feedback on the rules, and then re-wrote them to make them more fair to the authors.

On the other hand, again on Writer Beware, Strauss notices that a different publisher, Almond Press, responds to criticism of the less-than-ideal rules of its own contest by giving one-star reviews to all her books.

Agent Nephele Tempest posts Friday Links for 12/04 and 12/11 and 12/18. Check out 12/4 for a link to some short story competitions.

Agent Kristin Nelson shares her #2 reason for passing on queries even if the writing is good: stakes aren’t high enough. She also gives a couple of tips for what to do with your manuscript after NaNoWriMo.

Agent Jessica Faust weighs in on self-publishing: as long as you’re shopping a book that hasn’t been self-published yet, having an established self-publishing career won’t hurt you anymore–but it won’t necessarily help you, either. She then expands on why she won’t shop a book that has already been self-published.

Agent Janet Reid answers questions and offers advice. She explains why she thinks authors shouldn’t use italics, especially for more than one word at a time. And she explains when you shouldn’t write your query like a dust jacket.

QueryTracker answers the very important question of when to give up querying (or at least take a break).

On the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal blog, how to keep mythology fresh in a modern setting, even when everyone else is writing contemporary-set mythology. And why an author newsletter is a must-have for marketing.

Author Nathan Bransford offers the Past Few Weeks in Books for 12/14.

Author Kristine Kathryn Rusch muses on thinking of your writing as a gamble, and why that’s a terrible plan.

On the Boston Globe, an article about how dead authors’ books are enormously popular right now.

A look at the anatomy of modern romance covers (published in November).

A digital subscription service, Playster, goes live in the US, offering access to media content including (but not limited to) music, books, films, and video games.

What other major publishing news have you encountered in the past two weeks?

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Publishing Industry News

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9One of the struggles in the romance genre seems to hover over the dreaded stigma of instalove. Couple falls in love within pages of their first meeting, and the remainder of the book circles around the true act of falling in love. Sort of like real life for a lot of people, though instalove is more appropriately known as attraction and romantic interest, and actual love comes later as two people get to really know each other.

In November 9 by Colleen Hoover, the author pokes fun at the very idea of instalove, building a romance around a couple who met in a restaurant on November 9th and spent a single day together before embarking on empty promises to one another to meet up again every year on that date for five years to see where that strange proposition takes them. More than once, Hoover lapses into poking fun at the idea of instalove, even though that’s exactly what she’s doing in the book. The couple doesn’t even exchange phone numbers and they block one another on social media in order to keep from stalking each other throughout the year. No contact, save for their date each November 9. Interesting, and definitely puts a limit on how deeply they’ll get to know each other, but circumstances that bring people together are often powerful enough to create an unbreakable bond.

Our hero, Ben, an aspiring writer, promises to write a novel about the experience, a love story to shame all others that came before it, but little does our heroine, Fallon, know their story didn’t actually start in the restaurant that day. Something much deeper tied them together long before they ever came face to face, something so dark discovering it could tear them apart before they ever truly come together.

I was excited about this book. Over the last year I’ve really come to enjoy Colleen Hoover’s books, and this one was no different. I enjoyed it, but I paced myself through it because coming to understand Hoover’s writing style, I already knew how it was going to end. There’s a twist. There’s always a twist, and most of the time it starts to unravel about midway through the book so the shock that’s meant to hit me when the reveal happens doesn’t feel nearly so shocking. Nevertheless, it was a fun read, an interesting concept, and I definitely recommend it if you love a good love story.

4 out of 5 stars.

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November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Happy Holidays 2015

December, by Kit Silvertales

December, by Kit Silvertales (Click to visit her Facebook page!)

This year’s Track Listing!

1. Life In A Northern Town — The Dream Academy
2. Christmas Ball Blues — Leon Redbone
3. Pat-a-pan — Charlotte Diamond
4. The Last Snowfall — Vienna Teng
5. Cool Yule — Louis Armstong With The Commanders
6. Cold December — Matt Costa
7. Christmas In The Sand — Colbie Caillat
8. Christmas Tears — Eric Clapton
9. Snow Snow Snow — Danny Fromajio
10. Snow Mazes of Norway — Jenny Dalton
11. All That I Want for Christmas (Is to Give My Love Away) — The Rescues
12. Knee Socks – Arctic Monkeys
13. Something in the Air (Coca-Cola Christmas Anthem) — Lauriana Mae, Jono, Grayson Sanders
14. Joy to the World — Train
15. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town — Jackson, Michael & The Jackson 5
16. Two-Step ‘Round The Christmas Tree — Suzy Bogguss
17. A Kiss for Christmas — Luther Vandross
18. The Parade of The Wooden Soldiers — Mantovani
19. Bedtime For Toys — Stevie Wonder
20. Ave Maria (Schubert) — Luciano Pavarotti

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Happy Holidays 2015

Book Birthday Twins! #Premeditations #MillroadAcademy

Everyone loves a book birthday!

Both Premeditations and The Girl in Acid Park release today!

Happy Book Birthday, Lauren Harris!

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Book Birthday Twins! #Premeditations #MillroadAcademy

Last day to Pre-Order #PREMEDITATIONS

Folks, this is the last day to preoder PREMEDITATIONS so that it will ship on December 15th!


With these compulsively readable stories, Michelle Ristuccia creates a new genre in PREMEDITATIONS. This chapbook achieves a fresh look at our times, seeming to simplify while posing new questions about all we accept as reality — much as fairy tales and sci fi must have when first told. Ristuccia reveals forbidden texts, such as the complete “Articles of Faith” concerning cookies: tenets that are funny and a little sad, that cut to the core of our many belief systems. She dares tell first-person, true-life accounts of encounters with stick figures that become threatening; with a father who has a dangerous, rejuvenating secret; with immature non-human beings that in no way resemble anything we’ve come to expect. Whether humanoid, android, or otherwise sentient, PREMEDITATIONS is a must read.


  • FREE shipping US, $2 elsewhere
  • same rate for all options below
  • pre-orders will ship on or before 15 December 2015

PREMEDITATIONS releases tomorrow, so get in your preorders now!
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Last day to Pre-Order #PREMEDITATIONS