The best reason, of course, is that you love us! That is why you’re reading this page, right? Ok, ok. So maybe you want to know how we’ll use your donations:

  • If we were each paid minimum wage for our work on the podcast, each episode would cost you a minimum of about $60. Wow! It’s like we really love you guys, to be giving it away for free.
  • The hosting cost money, so donations help ensure that we can run another year.
  • Most of our ladies don’t have a good microphone for recording the fiction that we run. Better audio editing software might be nice, too, for those of us who edit.
  • Other cool stuff! Who knows? If we get enough donations, we could use the extra funds to run a contest, or, goodness forbid, pay our authors.

Seriously, though. You love us, and that’s why you should donate.

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